Ebrary Academic Complete

Ebrary Academic Complete is a multidisciplinary collection of more than 77 thousand scholarly books in an electronic form (as per July 2012) from prominent world-known publishers of academic literature. Its topical range covers all the fields taught at Masaryk University (economics and business, humanities, natural science, medicine, information technology, engineering and technology, social sciences, pedagogy, law, etc.). The collection is being continuously updated and extended by new incoming titles.

Note: to download full version texts it is necessary to establish one’s own account at ebrary (through the link in the right upper corner) and be logged in while downloading.

Ebrary Academic Complete is a very sophisticated system which offers its users plentiful possibilities, e.g. search for available books based on various criteria, read them online (on-screen) or offline (after downloading the data or saving them on an external device), print, highlight some parts of texts, create own commentaries or links in them, create a personal library, download full texts (in PDF format or in Adobe Digital Editions formats for electronic e-readers, tablets and smart phones).

Among further advanced functions administered by the library there is for instance a possibility to upload one’s own books to the system and integrate them with the original content of the ebrary, buy new books and broaden the collection of Academic Complete with titles of one’s choice while selecting pieces available in the whole supply of ebrary company (currently counting over 500 thousand monographies).

ebrary Academic Complete is available at http://site.ebrary.com/lib/masaryk/.

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