Faculty SVOČ competition 2018/2019

Independent student scientific and academic activity is an important component of university education as well as training. Its signification lies especially in the students’ preparing for presentation of their own work and its public defense. Thus, every year the dean of the faculty proclaims the competition in presenting students’ scientific and academic works (SVOČ). The aim of the competition is to discover hidden potential of the students in the field of science and research and support the talented ones by providing them with optimal conditions for further development of their skills. They shall improve their ability to proceed scientifically, utilize new findings in the field in a creative way and reinforce the capability of unravelling both theoretical and practical problems relating to the research alignment of the faculty. For students the competition is a chance to professionally present results of their work effort in front of an academic commitee, which is a favourable training for diploma thesis defense or doctoral studies, or just an opportunity for self fulfillment and to defeat schoolmates, which could be eventually rewarded by a special scholarship.

Students compete with original academic pieces of work in the field of law. In the form of topic suggestions and award pronouncements the competition is also traditionally supported by authorities of the highest degrees of jurisdiction – The Supreme Court, The Constitutional Court, The Supreme Administrative Court, Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office, The Public Defender of Rights, and advocacy representatives who often find their prospective employees among the students concerned.

Please, contact the competition coordinator in case of any questions.


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