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Disciplinary Regulations

Record of the Disciplinary Offences of University Students training course

(Online training with JUDr. Lukáš Potěšil, Ph.D. - the content of the training is an introduction to the issue of disciplinary offences of students, which includes both the actual definition of the facts of disciplinary offences and the so-called disciplinary proceedings and its course.)

Disciplinary Commission

MU signpost: how to avoid plagiarism and cite sources

Directive No. 3/2020 - On citations of documents used in theses submitted to the MU Faculty of Arts

How to prevent plagiarism in student work - a guide for academics

How to avoid plagiarism - a guide for students

How to prevent Plagiarism in Student Work - A Handbook for Academic Staff

How to prevent Plagiarism - Student Handbook

Research standards

Plagiarism and application of searching details in IS MU - training record

(Plagiarism online workshop with Mgr. Tomáš Foltýnek and Ph.D., Ing. Jitka Brandejsová - the content is plagiarism and unethical practices in the academic environment and practical introduction of the application of searching details in IS MU)

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